People are conscious about the foods they eat these days, and more consumers are looking for fresh and healthy eating options for the reasons of quality. The condition of cooked food available from restaurants and street vendors are often low quality due to unhygienic practices, adulteration and contamination.

In order to meet the demand of quality food from customers and vendors,  Central Kitchen will provide high-quality foods, snacks, bakery items and ready-made convenience items for restaurants, street vendors, events and institutions.

We offer catering services with banquet settings and pre-packed meals based accordingly on client specifications.

central kitchen is a new generation concept implemented by our startup company to satisfy the consumer expectations for high quality food products and convenience.. Operated from state of the art kitchen facility, licensed under FSSAI guidelines and having highest standards in Food Production, Storage and Logistics, we use only the finest and most fresh ingredients, prepared using highest F&B standards to bring out healthy and delicious food.

Our business services both corporate and private clients. We perfected ourselves in creating an artistic, elegant, memorable yet practical spread of dishes to be relished by both the eye and the palate. A gastronomical experience, Central Kitchen specializes in ethnic Indian and international cuisine. We settle only for the best. With great values, all our menus are of our pride.


Our vision is to be able to consistently provide an extraordinary culinary experience for our customers far beyond their expectations.


Our mission is to consistently provide clients with quality food at reasonable prices and to provide a service that is suitable according to their needs. This is accomplished through well supervised processes as we prepare our fine dishes and delivered to our customers promptly and efficiently.